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Important Info before you Purchase a Percussion LooP

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Important Info before you Purchase a Percussion LooP

Postby jsm » Mon Jan 12, 2015 10:05 pm


Use the online form here

Percussion LooP Name in Full
Your Full Name & Email Address

= = = = = = = = =
= = =

Please read the following Important Info before you
make a Purchase as this may help you
make your decision...

20040605 150 LooP a10 A - full name

20040605 - Made 2004 on 5th of June

150 - Beats per Minute of LooP (150bpm)

LooP a10 A - Name of Percussion LooP ('A' is the main LooP, and B to G are variations)
(no A-G represents single LooPs or old filing system)

ooobpm - just means the folder has many different varied bpm LooPs, or the folder was not made bpm specific at that time...

LooP a01, LooP a02, LooP a03,,, These are all considered as separate loops for exploitation purposes and rights, but sometimes due to my way back when days of working, there are variations of the same Original LooP.

This will need to be haggled out between you the Customer, and me the Owner as we go along, or you can just pay for License for each individual LooP you require...

LooP a01 A
LooP a01 B
LooP a01 C
LooP a01 F
LooP a01 G

A is the Original Full LooP, while B, C, F, and G are variations of the Original LooP and its samples. Variations will be included in the Cost of the Original LooP...

(and if you spot a gap, or even fewer files than usual, then please assume that that's all there is.)

How much will they Cost?

Well, i like the sound of £10 (TEN Great British Pounds) per LooP License...

For Inspirational Purposes

If you are after a quick fix, then select any of the folders with the relevant bpm, then select only the Percussion LooPs with no prefix or ones with the 'A' prefix. This will speed up your hunt for a good practical loop for your purpose.

Easter Eggs

You would be quite surprised at some of the gems just waiting to be discovered in some of these folders, including the subsequent B-G LooPs.

Because of the methods I use in which to create these LooPs, there is a huge scope for the something out of nothing syndrome. So when you're bored, stick a widget on, then go wash dishes or wipe the Strat Guitar down. You never know.

Using audio files in your material

Using my Audio Files without the proper written authorization & exploitation rights by me jsm @ S.M.Studios... will get you in big big doo doo by me the owner, as well as any Third Party Contract you enter into.

So my advice is don't doo doo. and especially don't doo doo it with mine, or i will have no choice but to sue sue you. The Exploitation Rights will be available to you once you Purchase a License...

BPM (Beats Per Minute)

This is the tempo at which the particular percussion LooP was created and recorded at.

Also note that halving or doubling the tempo number still keeps you in rhythm so 120bpm still works with 60bpm and 240bpm tempo audio...

They sound the same jsm

Yes, some will sound the same because as well as playing with the midi timing in creating my LooPs,

I also play around with the actual individual Drum Samples used to create the LooPs. And while doing this I always try to create as many variations of my midi files as I can, before getting mind numbingly bored, or plain fed up and deaf. If they all sound too similar, then just jump around the 'A's to keep the variation going or move to another Folder...

Size don't Count

Now there might be hundreds of files in one folder, or there might even only be just the one. And what you see, click, and hear, is what you get.

There is no structure as such in the Folders, except in the naming of the Percussion LooP files themselves...

Quality does Count

All samples come originally in full 44100hz Stereo Wav Format.

The MP3s are hosted online for your auditioning pleasure and for download, so as to give you just a taster of what will be coming out on a regular basis from now on...

More and More and More

I am hoping to add at least one substantial and decent folder of new Percussion LooPs every couple of months or so, time permitting of-course...

My Dream World

To Host ALL files online in Wav format for ALL to access regardless, as well as being able to Download and Mirror all the Percussion LooP files locally if Muso's wish, and to tweak the Shit out of the web-site until it becomes the True Jam Tool I envisage this idea to be. (with perfect loop playback)

The full Business Plan Proposals are hosted here online for all Software & Developers to browse through at their own leisure...

Exploitation Rights

This will be given in a written format, as already supplied by a basic PayPal Receipt which will be your 'Proof of Purchase'.

So make sure you put your FULL NAME as it would appear as a publisher in print.

And make sure you type in the LooP name exactly as it appears in the player.

Keep your copy of the reciept in a safe place for future reference.

I decided to use one of your samples but didn't want to pay for the privilege of using it?

If its for your personal pleasure only, its not a problem. Just bear in mind that anything that gets Public Performance, or Duplication needs a Contractual Agreement.

Using an UN-Cleared and UN-Solicited Sample will bring the third party (you) into disrepute, which means you will be breaking your Contractual Obligations, and will be in big big trouble with me, jsm @ S.M.Studios and your original Contract Holders.

I will declare myself an INJURED PARTY, and as a natural born sovereign soul, will seek a grievance remedy claim of 100% damages against you. ((nuff said!!! ))

N.B. now although you can download the Mp3 Files from the supplied folders, please don't forget, you still need a buy the rights to use a LooP before you can Lawfully use it!!!

Once you buy a LooP from the LooP Library we will email you a copy of the original WAV...

till next time all
'Songs & Audio' by jsm @ S.M.Studios...
love, light, learn, live all...


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LooP Library Team
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Re: Please Read the above Peeps!!!

Postby LooP Library Team » Wed Mar 04, 2015 11:39 am

Please Read the above relevant information, and it will help you make a more informed decision before you Purchase a LooP License. The above details will also give you a much better understanding of the naming structure of the files you will be using.

Some of this information becomes very relevant and important when you decide to purchase a LooP License from us, and the details you give us in your PayPal Reciept must be clear, precise, and accurate.

Any Personal Details you give us along with the Percussion LooP File-Name you require the License for, will be kept on file as a valid proof of claim of your reciept of the said LooP License, aswell as your name clearly and in full who will be the acting publisher in title with ownership to the Licensing Rights.

Simply Put: Your PayPal is your License, and thus allows you to Publish and Perform Publically, and generate revenue contractually or otherwise, and you will be safe from prosecution or any lawful activity against you. You buys the license, you gets the lawful decree.
(jsm's words here and i said lawful, not legal!!! nuff said!!!)

. . .
email the LooP Library Team


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